Food – Style, Composition and Light

70.00 د.ك.

غير متوفر في المخزون



–== تنبيه: يرجى التأكد من عدم تعارض تاريخ ووقت الدورات عند التسجيل وقبل عملية إتمام الدفع ==–

–== Note: Kindly be sure to check the time and date of the workshops during the registration and before completing the payment transaction ==–

مكان الدورة – Workshop Location:

مركز عبدالله السالم الثقافي

Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center

تاريخ الدورة – Workshop Date:

10 November 2018

وقت الدورة – Workshop Time:

02:00PM – 10:00AM

متطلبات الدورة – Workshop Requirements:

كاميرا احترافية (بالرغم من أن ما ستتعلمه ينطبق على التصوير بشكل عام باستخدام أي نوع كاميرا مما فيها الهواتف الذكية)

فهم لأساسيات التصوير واستخدام الكاميرا

أن تكون محب للطعام وتصويره

DSLR – though all the learning equally applies to photography using any device, even a smartphone

Basic understanding of the camera

Love food and food photography

وصف الدورة – Workshop Description:

Have you ever wondered how two people can take image of same scene but one is better than the other? In this workshop she takes you in depth to help you understand how to style food, what are the rules of creating stunning food images, arrangement and composition of food items and what to look for to make your scene stand out. Color, lines, shapes, texture – there is so much more to food photography than just the food.

You will also learn to put it all to use in hands on practice session.

نبذة عن المدربة – Trainer’s Bio:

Professional food photographer who has worked with leading food brands in Kuwait and Middle East. She styles not only for her restaurant clients but also for cookbooks (international and local),  and magazines. You can view her portfolio at